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Q: How long is the delivery time ? Back


we are glass bottle manufacturer , on one hand the delivery time which according to customer order time,the producing department have a row of single-table.

on the other hand , if your order quantity is small ,then we need to wait other similar bottles and produce together. based on this two reson , as usually the delivery time is 30-35days around .

Q: What happens if my shipment is lost or stolen? Back


In the unlikely event that your package is lost or stolen, we will investigate, and if the perfume or perfume bottles cannot be recovered, we will send you another perfume or perfume bottles provided that the courier did not deliver your perfume or perfume bottles to the wrong address. We regret to inform you that if the postal service delivers the perfume or perfume bottles to the WRONG address, or you have moved or changed your address without notifying us, there is nothing we can do to recover your perfume or perfume bottles

Q: How long does shipping take? Back


Shipping will vary based upon where you are located and whether or not the product you are ordering is in stock. Unlike other sites who lead you to believe that all of their products are in stock and ready to ship, we will notify you of the estimated delivery time of your item if it is out of stock. If your perfume or perfume bottles are in stock, you can typically expect delivery within 7-10 working days. If your perfume or perfume bottles are out of stock, we will notify you immediately.


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